Thursday, October 20, 2005


Pissed Off Patricia over at BlondeSense has a great post today on the war "No Crime, Criminal or Crony Left Behind. Why did we go to war with Iraq, again? Oh, yeah.

I've recently taken up a new hobby, much to the Beloved's dismay; henna tattoos. I discovered they're easier than I thought, and bring me back to high school, when we would write in ink all over our skin and jeans. Now I just have to find someone to help me with the areas I can't reach myself. A good resource is found at Earth Henna.

I also unpacked another box from our move, which contained much beloved and much missed audio CD's. Heaven! All my folk music, hurrah! Clannad, and Stan Rogers, Bill Morrissey, Vance Gilbert, Maura McConnell and Christine Lavin, on and on. Christine is the focus today; I'm currently listening to Buy Me, Bring Me, Take Me: Don't Mess My Hair (Life according to Four Bitchin' Babes and Christine Lavin Presents: Laugh Tracks Vol. 1. Aside from being a great performer, as even the extremely critical Beloved will attest, she's done a great service to folk music by doing so many wonderful compilation albums to get artist's music out there. Her sense of humor is fantastic.

On the political side, I'm starting to feel like asking "Is it still considered paranoia if they ARE out to get you?" The government is now tracking laser color printers by embedding yellow dots into the print. It's designed to track counterfeiters, but with the lies and abuses of this administration one can imagine the potential for it to be used in all kinds malicious ways. So far, it's only color laser printers, which aren't really so much of a household item; but who knows if it's really limited to that, or will STAY limited to that. Thank you, Patriot Act.

Best wishes to those in New England currently under deluge; and best of luck to Florida with Wilma approaching. Our thoughts are with you.

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