Monday, October 10, 2005


I finally started, albeit a tad late, my annual reading of Roger Zelazny's "A Night In the Lonesome October." It's a short fantasy story, written from the point of view of Jack the Ripper's dog, Snuff. A wonderful lead in to Halloween, it's set up with each chapter being one day through the month of October. I read it aloud to my family, a chapter a night. While there's an occasional word or vivid description I have to modify for the little one, it's mostly a light fantasy.

I also just unpacked from the boxes we still have from our move to California (yes, we've been here for a year and a half, what's your point?) and found my Jim Infantio "The World of Particulars" cd. I have been listening to my hearts content (much to the dismay of those around me, I'm afraid!). I love Jim's voice. It's not well trained, or exceptional, or powerful, yet it's haunting and captivating. He has a great range, but mostly it just perfectly suits his style, and his lyrics, as well as the acoustic guitar. "Thirty-Five Foot Lady", sung acapella, really shows his range. His music speaks to me of that "quiet desperation," the sameness and uniqueness of the human condition. He has a different perspective and an interesting sense of humor. He originates from the Boston area, and plays with his band "Jim's Big Ego." I had the pleasure of seeing them at the Somerville Theater; it was a treat.

I'm taking a break from politics for the moment. I'll read "Crooks and Liars" but the meanness and spite that many of the posts are dripping with lately on the liberal side are making me nauseous, so I'm going to stay away from the heavy stuff.

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