Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Note to self... Buy a UPS

Well, I wrote a nice long post yesterday, only to have the power go out while it was saving. No UPS. Joy. As I had a migraine, I decided I'd rather go home and crash than try to post it again. Was NOT the best day I've had in a while.

I gave up politics for the day, as I had rediscovered my Jim Infantino World of Particulars cd in a box number one son brought in from the stack left unopened when we moved. Yes, we moved to California a year and a half ago, what's your point? Jim Infantino is a folk artist from the Boston area who I had the pleasure of seeing in concert at the Somerville Theater a couple of years ago. He has a unique perspective on people and life that I really enjoy. His voice is raw, untrained, yet it fits his music and his message completely. He sounds like the guy next door just picked up a guitar and sang his observations. Sometimes funny, sometimes haunting, sometimes just fun, his music is like talking to a friend. He also plays with his band, Jim's Big Ego.

I also started, albeit a little late, my annual reading of Roger Zelazny's A Night In the Lonesome October. A light look into the struggle for cosmic balance, as told by Jack the Ripper's dog, Snuff. The book is written with a chapter for each day of the month of October, and I like to read it aloud to my family one chapter each night. There are a few spots that modifications have to be made for the littlest one for language or image, but it's generally fairly light in tone. Zelazny is one of my favorite authors.

As number two son may have strep, things are a tad chaotic at the old homestead, so I may not get back to post for a bit. At some point, I'd like to address Ann Coulter's performance on Bill Maher, but it probably won't be today.

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