Friday, November 18, 2005

My mind has wandered...

I haven't posted in a while. I've been lost in cyberspace with information overload. Perhaps I'm having a mid life crisis. I have suddenly become obsessed with my hippy-dippy roots. I'm shopping green, spending blue and have started thinking tie-dye again. I'm questioning my values, my beliefs, and my faith. These are not necessarily bad things to do, of course.

I guess I have the criminal element in the White House to thank for my epiphany. Without their lies and obscene behavior, I might have just kept plodding through my life without a care. They have forced me to care. They've forced me to wake up, become an activist again.

I no longer trust the media to tell me the truth. I suppose I never should have. That's the problem with a Capitalist system; the one with the most money gets to determine what truth is. Not that any other system would be better; whatever the currency is - power, sex, money, religion - the ones that control the major portion write the histories.

What that means for me is that I can no longer support those companies that have agendas I disagree with. And that's hard. I can't just breeze into Wal-Mart or Target anymore and get everything I need cheaply and run. I have to find places that carry the goods I want and pay more money for them. I have to research companies and see how they spend my money and treat their employees. I have to research products to determine which are less harmful to our planet. It's time consuming, and inconvenient, and expensive.

It is, however, the only voice I have, other than the letters I write to my representatives in government. I'm not even sure my vote has a voice anymore, because of the evidence of election tampering.

So I guess I should thank The Bush and The Dick in the White House. They're quite possibly helping me to improve my karma. It's something they might want to consider in their own lives, because I don't think theirs is very good.


Dark Wraith said...

Good evening, Cherizac.

I came over on the chance that you were, indeed, actively blogging again. Lo and behold!

And thank you for your comment on my letter over at BlondeSense.

The Dark Wraith sees the forces gathering to end this bleak era.

Cherizac said...

I hope that you are correct. That is an army in which I would gladly enlist.