Friday, April 28, 2006

Someone Please Send Bush a copy of "Schoolhouse Rock"

Once again, President Bush has demonstrated that the Constitution he vowed to uphold and protect means less than toilet paper to him, and that he feels no law applies to him. Last month, he signed into law a bill which was never passed by the House. The Senate bill he signed varied by 2 BILLION dollars from the House bill that was passed, partially due to a "clerical error." So our Decider in Chief decided that sending the bill back to the House for approval was too dangerous, as it only passed by one tie breaking vote from the Vice President in the first place, and it might not pass again considering the political climate has worsened since then. So he just signed it. Who cares about the law? Or that "piece of paper" Constitution. After all, that was signed in 1787! This is 2006!

The Journal Gazette article confirms that a public watchdog group called Public Citizen has filed a lawsuit to block the law. It also states that most constitutional scholars seem to think it's an open and shut case; Bush's actions were illegal. It's just one more indication of the contempt Bush has for the American People. And still, the scariest part to me is the lack of outrage. The lack of action. How can the American People continue to allow this adminstration to violate our rights and our laws? What toxic ennui has infected us that we can allow this? Okay, we'll get a little upset when we have to pay more for gas, but where is the outrage over the erosion of the fabric of our country? The death of thousands in an illegal war? The pollution of our air and waters and ecosystems? The debt that he is going to pass on to our children? We have got to stop this. It's too important.

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