Friday, April 21, 2006

The Horror Continues

I haven't posted here in quite some time because the reality of the American situation right now is too overwhelming. Anyone interesting my crafting journal can find it at Homespun Dreamings. I decided to split the contents for the fiber arts people who may not be looking for political rants.

I just can NOT understand why or how Americans have allowed this to happen. It astounds me that the President's approval rating is as high as it is. What this man, this Administration has done is so much worse than anything anyone could ever have dreamed. The pundits keep saying Bush is "approaching Nixon's numbers" - Nixon was a poser! Nixon could not have conceived of the crimes Bush has actually committed. He didn't lie, straight faced, over and over and over again on every issue of import to the American people. He didn't violate the oath of office; "I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States." He didn't destroy the economy, or alienate the entire world against the US, or trash the ecosystem or negate our civil rights. He didn't silence scientific and military experts. He didn't take a record surplus and turn it into a record deficit. Nixon might have manipulated the Vietnam War for his political benefit, but he sure didn't intentionally send thousands of Americans to their death for no better reason than money and power.

It's hard to know the cause of this debacle. Is it simple incompetence? Is it just lust for money and power? Is it some kind of messianic nightmare, trying to bring on the Second Coming? Is he in competition with his father? Is he really and truly insane, or maybe just drug addled and stupid? I don't have a clue. All I can do is look around me and see the devastation. And speak out, when I can. I know I'm not smart enough to solve all the problems before the American people right now. But I can try to let people know when I think they're making a mistake; and Bush is about to make a big one.

On June 2, the Christ loving military machine that is the Bush Administration will drop a bomb in the Nevada desert. A detonation large enough to generate a mushroom cloud. The Orwellian/messianistic name of this test? Divine Strake. There's a whole list of them; Divine Buffalo, Divine Invader, Divine Helcat, Divine Kingfisher, Divine Umpire, Divine Zorro, Divine Warhawk, Divine Albatross, and my favorite Divine Hates. Divine Strake is a 700 TON (1.4 MILLION pound) bomb. The stated purpose of the test is to see how computer equipment and tunnels would fare in a reinforced bunker deep underground. The problem with this stated purpose is that there is no possible means of conveyance for this payload. No single unit transport that can even come close to delivering this amount of tonnage. There's an excellent article at that helps clear through the spin and the misdirection and the outright lies in the nearly non existent media coverage of this event.

The rumored real purpose of this detonation is to calculate a nuclear equivalent, ie, how much nuclear payload would be required to bomb the Iranians and their proported centrifuges underground. Here is a letter from thirteen prominent scientists to President Bush, with their views on using nukes.

We cannot allow this President to get us into a third mismanaged war. Please, stop the bleeding. Stop the flow of broken, burned, and murdered bodies of our soldiers. Stop the abuse of power. Stop the madness of King George the Decider.

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