Sunday, February 12, 2006

My handmade things

This is what's kept me busy over the last couple of months:
This is a pair of Christmas stockings I made for my wonderful mother in law, Dorothy, and her new husband, Bill. It was rather an achievement for me as I didn't have a pattern and had never made anything like it before. I think they turned out rather elegant.

Even though we're in Southern California, it does get cold here at night, and my soft hearted husband worries about our two little Yorkies, Sugarplum and Rocky. So I made them some sweaters. Rocky manages to keep his on for a while, but Sugar somehow gets hers of and must bury it in the back yard, cause we can't find them ANYWHERE. I've made her at least four.
This is a baby blanket I made for my boss's wife's daughter, who was having her fourth boy. It's made from a boucle yarn, which was a revelation to me. I had stopped crocheting and knitting because I was bored with the yarn; it's amazing how much has changed! New colors, and new textures and blends! It made me excited again, and fueled this new obsession with fibercraft.

I wanted to add more pictures, but blogger isn't cooperating, so I'll try again later. I am having a blast with this fiber stuff!

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