Sunday, February 12, 2006

A couple more, if Blogger lets me...

This is a capelet I made for a Yahoo Crochet Along group. I love the pattern; it's so pretty and feminine. The model is Paulette, my boss's wife. The color, though it looks blue, is really a seafoam green. I really REALLY need to learn how to take photographs.

This is actually the second one I made, and was commissioned by a friend for a Valentine's Day gift. I like the pattern so much I'm on my third edition. Other WIPs are a summer top in "Sassy" yarn, the World Traveller bag for me which will be felted, a knit Magic Scarf in eyelash yarn, and a couple of secret projects for future gifts. Hardly leaves me any time to learn my drop spindle...


Norah said...

That's a gorgeous capelet!!

Dark Wraith said...

Good evening, Cherizac.

That is nice work.

I stopped by and found that you're back in the blogging business, so I'm taking the opportunity to tell you that I just put you into the BlogRing on my site.

Every place needs at least one link to a blog that has good posts and the occasional handcrafted fashion features.

The Dark Wraith is just passing through.

Cherizac said...

Good Evening, Dark Wraith.

I'm honored that you remember me, and even more so that you've included me in your Blogring. I hope to do you justice.

Your mere passing through improves the atmosphere. Thank you!

Shawnee said...

Such a nice job on the capelet! Welcome back to CAL Group!