Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Aren't You Tired of Being Lied To?

With so much access to information available from cable, the internet and print media, one would think it would be easy to find the facts in a given situation. It seems to be getting harder. "News" media pushes the agenda of the big corporate Bosses and spins every detail of every story, journalists and bloggers run to judgment and pronounce sentence before all the facts are dragged into the light. Government lies to us over and over and over, until one can scarcely discern the truth when one sees it.

Already we're beginning to see the politicians start their runs for the 2008 elections. It's far too early for us to be having to sort our news through the filter of election bullshit. The next few years aren't going to be pretty.

It's enough to make one run for the Richard Thompson collection and take refuge in the King of Doom and Gloom, just to forget the real Doom rising from the dreck outside on our doorsteps.

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