Thursday, May 25, 2006

Federal Marriage Amendment

Once again, Harry Reid is sponsoring a toothless petition. He wants to stop Bill Frist from bringing the Federal Marriage Amendment to a vote. Again, despite knowing it's futile, I added my voice, just in case someone somewhere is paying attention. I also added these comments:

Please stop using so called "moral" issues to redirect attention from the mess this administration has caused in this country, and indeed, the world. The Federal Marriage Amendment is a red herring and an unconstitutional invasion into the privacy of American Citizens. Stop trying to legislate morality.

Your duty is to provide checks and balances with our government, so that no branch of government can wrest control from the others. Mr Frist, have you not noticed that President Bush has signed into law 750 bills with "signing statements" attached, stating that this law doesn't apply to him? And have you noticed further that many of these laws have to do with the President being required to furnish information to Congress, completely undercutting your ability to do your duty? Mr. Frist, you have made Congress impotent, and in doing so, have sent our country down the road of fascism.

Do your job, Mr. Frist, and the rest of you in Congress. Question Authority. Leave morals and interpersonal relationships to individuals, and take back our country from the Corporatists. I firmly believe that America will never be taken by terrorists; it can only be taken from within, by those elected to represent us but who in fact only represent their wallets.

I wonder about men who get together to make rules about other people's behavior. I've always found that people most dislike in others the things they hate about themselves. No one ever says "Please, pass a law to keep me from doing this thing that I'm tempted to do," they say "I'm going to pass this law because I don't like what you're doing and I think it's a sin." These men think in black and white. There is no room for compromise. They don't see their own circular logic. They want abortion illegal, yet want to ban contraception. They talk about the sacredness of life, and yet are for the death penalty and going to war with brown people. They say they're Christians yet oppose every basic principle Christ espoused.

I think about the children forgotten inside the foster care system who could be receiving love and care from an alternative style family. I think about the girls who could be given the HPV vaccine but might not, because these dipsticks think it will give them permission to have sex, and how often it is that these VERY young girls are initiated into sex by their uptight repressed male family members. Mostly I think about love, and how the more you give it away, the more you receive, and how none of us can ever have too much. And I'm so angry. I'm so furious at what these tight assed narrow minded priggish selfish greedy and judgemental people have done to this country. And I'm horrified that we've let it happen, and continue to let it happen, day after day.


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