Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Happy Birthday to US!

My family is currently in the middle of what we affectionately call "The Birthday Week from Hell." It just so happens that my eldest son turned eighteen on Sunday, I turned 45 yesterday, and today my Beloved achieves the milestone of sixty. Having three birthdays in one week, and only several weeks from Christmas wreaks havoc with heretofore beloved birthday traditions. It simply isn't practical to go out to dinner at the natal one's choice three times in one week. Or have three different birthday cakes. So, we're slowly evolving new traditions. My ever so patient husband gets the worst of it; by the time his sacred day arrives, we're birthday-ed out, and he barely gets any celebration at all.

I myself had a lovely day. I got emails and phone calls from family and friends back east. My boss sang "Happy Birthday" to me on the phone from his vacation in Vegas. I left work early to do a few errands, then picked up the family and went to our favorite restaurant in Ventura - "The Panda." It's an amazing Chinese buffet with six tables of everything from sushi to pizza to crab. The hostess always remembers #2 son and makes a big deal over him. My family also gave me lovely gifts. One of my favorites is from my husband; a silver necklace with the major symbol from each of the major religions. The woman who designed it was at her booth at "Ojai Day" and I fell in love with it right away. She added another charm with kissing dolphins over the words "ALL ONE." It's very much my philosophy. The names we give God are semantics. If one calls it Nature, or Aum, or Buddah, or God, or Abba or Goddess - does it really matter? We are somehow all created by Something, born with nothing but our hearts and hands and brains. Somehow, the world was created. Does it matter the name we give the Creator? It IS.

Uh oh, my inner existentialist is coming out.

Anyway, back to the festivities - tonight Beloved's present is to not have to cook dinner; so I'm trying to find something appropriate to bring home. He might get one or two other presents as well, if he's lucky.

I sure am.

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